Trofeo Binda

Trofeo Binda 2019

I’ve always found it interesting, looking for at people’s photos from races and observing how different people can see the same scene so differently. One isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other, just different. Turns out this doesn’t just apply to photo locations but entire races. There are some races both Balint and I […]

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Trofeo Binda 2018

It seems the UCI Women’s World Tour needs to add another ‘W’ to it’s acronym UCIWWT for WET! The third weekend of WorldTour races and it was another damp one back in Italy. It’s not often you hope for better weather in Belgium but here’s hoping for De Panne on Thursday!   If you’ve enjoyed […]

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Trofeo Binda 2017

Another different winner! In the Trofeo Binda press room there was a sweepstake picking the podium. Nobody had Coryn Rivera for the win on their list. Most of the (Italian) press we’re staying loyal to their home star, Elisa Longo Borghini. I think this is the third win I’ve seen for Coryn and she’s welcome to win again, she […]

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