Tour of California 2017

Before we start, lets get one thing out of the way… the organisers of the Tour of California really know how to do press rooms! At many women’s races you’re lucky to get a table with a plug socket, and resort to using your phone to upload photos because the internet is so slow, never mind getting something to eat. Every day there was a whole host of drinks, snacks and even really tasty hot meals and super-fast wifi. It may sound like a little thing but it’s really appreciated and makes the day so much easier.

The area around Lake Tahoe is off the charts beautiful. I just wish we got to spend longer in the region. It’s got everything: great views, climbs, flats, forests, lake views, weather conditions that change so quickly and bears (although I didn’t get to see one).

Over the last few years we’ve had lots of new women’s come onto the calendar which is great, but what I’d like to see is some longer races. Four and five day events just feel too short for stories about the races to get going. They’ve finished almost before they’ve begun. A week long, or even ten day race here would be something I’d love to see. Especially now the Route de France has disappeared from the calendar, the Giro Rosa is the only race to go longer than a week.

Here’s a bumper selection of photos from the four days in California.

Manel Lacambra shows off his dance moves – Stage 1


CANYON//SRAM Racing  – Stage 1


Scotti Lechuga on stage  – Stage 1


Alexis Ryan relaxed ahead of a race in her home state – Stage 1


The peloton weave through the trees above Lake Tahoe – Stage 1


Climbing the GPM to Emerald Bay – Stage 1


Megan Guarnier catches her breath after winning the opening stage – Stage 1


Barbara Guarischi after the opening stage – Stage 1


Lizzie Williams is awarded the most combative rider – Stage 1


Anna van der Breggen looks at the snow clouds rolling over the mountains – Stage 2


Juliette Labous goes solo – Stage 2


Juliette Labous still going strong on the first categorised climb – Stage 2


Alison Tetrick hitting over 90kph – Stage 2


Audrey Cordon-Ragot leads a split in the peloton – Stage 2


Along winding roads – Stage 2


Boels Dolmans amass on the front before the foot of the climb – Stage 2


Untimely puncture for Leah Kirchmann – Stage 2


Karol-Ann Canuel looks to see who’ll take a turn on the front – Stage 2


Karol-Ann Canuel and Alena Amialiusik on the front above Nevada – Stage 2


Tayler Wiles approaches the top of the climb – Stage 2


Anna Christian recovers after a hard day of racing – Stage 2


Julia Soek making the most of the crosswinds – Stage 3


UnitedHealthcare lead the peloton – Stage 3


Sunweb on the charge – Stage 3


Mandy Heintz is still solo – Stage 3


Coryn Rivera wins sprint – Stage 3


Julia Soek and Coryn Rivera celebrate the win – Stage 3


Cool down – Stage 3


Jip van den Bos & Amy Pieters wait in the shade – Stage 4


Megan Guarnier needs two hands to count how many bikes she owns – Stage 4


Dani King warms up on the rollers – Stage 4


Alena Amialiusik prepares for the the final day – Stage 4


The race has split into groups – Stage 4


Anna van der Breggen in Christine’s wheel as the laps countdown to the intermediate sprint – Stage 4


Boels Dolmans set the pace to set up van der Breggen in the sprint – Stage 4


Giorgia Bronzini wins the intermediate sprint whilst Anna van der Breggen gets the two seconds she need to take the General Classification – Stage 4


Jennifer Luebke  – Stage 4


Alexis Ryan – Stage 4


Tayler Wiles leads the bunch – Stage 4


Giorgia Bronzini wins the stage – Stage 4


Emma White catches her breath – Stage 4


Anna van der Breggen takes home the yellow jersey and a big bear – Stage 4


Alison Tetrick shouts out to her teammate, Kirsten Wild on the podium – Stage 4


Anna van der Breggen now leads the UCI Women’s WorldTour – Stage 4


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