Tour of Chongming Island 2018 - Stage 1

Racing has finally got underway at the Tour of Chongming Island. I met my moto driver before the race, with neither of us speaking each other’s language it was going to be interesting! His friend who spoke a little English help translate whilst we came up with a series of hand signals, and pats on his body to communicate what I’d like him to do. Go left, go right, go forward, slow down etc. What we didn’t do was come up with a way of saying go ahead of the race, way ahead so I have time to get off the bike, maybe climb up somewhere or perhaps we go off the route to find a better angle. But we managed to muddle through. Will have to come up with a better hand signal vocabulary for tomorrow!

Mieke Kröger chills out before the start

Grace Garner decked out in Chinese flag themed nails

Dalia Muccioli jokes around at sign on

Cylance Pro Cycling soigneur, Geerike Schreurs has a laugh with her teammates whilst applying Giorgia Bronzini’s suncream

Fans line the roads through the towns

Breaks in the group as they contest the first intermediate sprint

Locals come out to watch the race speed by

Chloe Hosking momentarily forgets she’s changed teams

Jelena Eric checks the status of the break

Now that’s a very big lollypop!

Barbara Guarischi chasing down the break

Dalia Muccioli and Corinna Lechner make a late attack

Cylance DS, Manel Lacambra celebrates the win with team soigneur, Geerike Schreurs

Giorgia Bronzini is the race leader after Stage 1

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  • Bernadette Chapman 27/04/2018   Reply →

    Great pics.
    Thank you from us Australians who often miss out on any streaming!

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