Tour of Chongming Island 2018 - Stage 2

It’s always nice when you get ‘new’ people on the podium but especially for Charlotte as I’ve seen her work her ass off for others so often in the years I’ve been shooting races but not made an appearance on the podium. Also I remember Anastasia Iakovenko in a break on the same stage last year that didn’t stick. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

A local sleeping in the park? Or a spy from another team, listening in to the Wiggle High5 team talk?

Jolien D’hoore has matching nails and knees after getting caught in the crash on stage 1

Marcella Toldi tries out a new hair-do for stage two

Chiara Consonni laughs with her teammates

Through the toll booth onto the bridge

Speeding toward the QoM. I’m going to keep coming back to Chongming until I get a day when they cross the bridge with clear blue skies!

Marcella Toldi on the attack

School kids look up at the race helicopter

Dalia Muccioli and Anastasia Iakovenko lead the break

Dalia Muccioli in the break

Julie Leth on the front but there’s not much cooperation in chasing down the break

Shannon Malseed leads the break into the final 15 km

Coralie Demay leads the break with 10km to go

Charlotte Becker wins!

Charlotte Becker prepares to don the yellow jersey as race leader with one stage to go

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