Tour of Chongming Island 2018 - Stage 3

The Tour of Chongming Island is a wrap for 2018. Stage three got off to a rather panicked start. For some reason all the photo motorbikes line up behind the race in China. Which I don’t understand, it adds in an unnecessary passing of the peloton, than if they parked ahead of the start line and left a minute or so before the start. So using trusty Google Translate I asked my pilot to move up the road and I’d meet him there. Five minutes before the start I couldn’t find him anywhere! Running up and down the start line he was nowhere to be found. The stage begins and I’m standing there with all my moto gear on but no bike to ride. One of the other motos saw my predicament and called my driver who arrived a few minutes later. It seems the police didn’t like him parking ahead of the race and moved him on.

On this stage last year, I went into a street cafe to take photos through their window. They plied me with food and drinks and the photos came out nice too. I was torn about going back there. It’s a great spot and was a lot of fun, but in search of different locations we sped by to another restaurant. Much plusher than last year’s affair, I didn’t quite get the same treatment but they were very welcoming and gave me tea and water whilst waiting for the race to arrive. The people hear are really friendly, maybe it’s because my face stands out in the sea of locals, they’re excited about the race, or they are like that to everyone. Or maybe its a bit of all three.

It’s back home for me tomorrow, whilst Balint is in Luxembourg for Elsy Jacobs. But there’s not much respite, heading north next week for Tour de Yorkshire.

Checking the power left in Lucy Garner’s legs

Performance group take a break in the shade between passages of the race

Ingrid Drexel Clouthier leads the bunch

My favourite street on Chongming Island. I could stay here for the entire race.

Final lap!

Giorgia Bronzini ready to sprint onto the podium after a long wait for the ceremony to get underway

Stage winner, Kirsten Wild

Charlotte Becker celebrates the GC win


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