Vårgårda Team Time Trial 2017

If I could change just one thing about cycling it would be the time of day we have races. Races are usually held in the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky, it makes for really bad light for photos. But then races like Vårgårda come along with their 17:30 start and they feel extra special. Yes, it means a late night editing and uncertainty about when or if you’re going to eat, but it’s worth it for the quality of the light!

It seems for time trials we’ve fallen into a pattern of I stay and shoot the warm up/start whilst Balint goes out on the road shoot the action, so last night we switched it around. It’s an odd experience shooting a team time trial, especially at the location I chose, about 4km from the finish. You have to get out on the course well before the first team starts and then there’s nothing. An hour of standing amongst the trees, listening to the rustles and chirps or nature, whilst swotting mosquitos. But then, the swell of whirring disc wheels lets you know the race is on. The next hour is a blur of ‘click-click-click’, run to the next spot and repeat. Then as quickly as the race arrived you’re returned to the quiet of the forest again with bird chirping and mosquitos buzzing.

Spectators on the hill weren’t very vocal but they looked happy.


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