Women's Amstel Gold Race 2017

There we have it, the first Women’s Amstel Gold Race in ages! Super-happy for for Anna van der Breggen getting the win today. It’s nice to see a ‘Dutchie’ winning a big race at home. Although Anna’s victory is only the second best thing I saw today, after pulling up outside our apartment for the week, a skateboarding dog rolled by!

During the race Balint and I we’re messaging each other about what we had and hadn’t got photo-wise. Somedays everything seems to click and just work other days, not so much. It seemed today was one going to be one of those ‘other days’…

We’ve now got a few days before Wednesday’s Flèche Wallonne to work on a new project we hope you’ll be really excited about. More on that to come soon.

Here’s a few photos of the race, sadly not including the skateboarding dog!

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