Having read Inrng’s piece on the average professional male cyclist I wondered how it differs for women’s cycling. What does the average female cyclist look like? Where are they from? How old are they? There are 368 riders registered across 33 UCI teams with an average age of 24.7 years. That’s 3 years younger than the average for men, which perhaps you might expect with UCI regulations stating that the majority of riders must be under 28.  Italy leads the way with the largest provision of cyclist with 59, leaving the Netherlands distant second with 40.

How nations are represented on UCI women’s teams 2013

The USA displaces other “old world” cycling nations like France and Belgium to take 3rd place. China have the same number of athletes as Germany although this is a slight anomaly as all 15 Chinese athletes ride for the same team: China Chongming-Giant, which also has the joint largest roster of riders for 2013. Outside of the top 15 nations there are a further 48 riders from 23 different countries.

Oldest and Youngest

Born in July 1962, Suzie Godart is the oldest rider. The Luxembourgeois rides for Team Pratomagno, the same team as her daughter Trixi Godart. At the other end or the spectrum is Italian, Veronica Cornolti. Riding for Servetto-Footon in 2013, she only turned 18 on 30thDecember 2012. Despite only discovering cycling at the age of 32 Godart was already Luxembourg MTB Cross Country champion before Cornolti was even born.

10 oldest athletes
Name Team Nation DoB
GODART Suzie Team Pratomagno LUX 20/07/1962
PITEL Edwige S.C. Michela Fanini FRA 04/06/1967
SCHLAGER Claudia Squadra Scappatella AUT 13/03/1968
GOMEZ Sandra Team Pratomagno COL 30/12/1971
STOLBOVA Svetlana Team Pratomagno RUS 02/01/1973
MILLER Meredith Tibco – To The Top USA 26/12/1973
LUPERINI Fabiana Faren – Let’s Go Finland Team ITA 14/01/1974
KUPFERNAGEL Hanka Rusvelo GER 19/03/1974
LAWS Sharon Lotto Belisol GBR 07/07/1974
TEUTENBERG Ina Specialzed-Lululemon GER 28/10/1974
10 youngest athletes
Name Team Nation DoB
CORNOLTI Veronica Servetto Footon ITA 30/12/1994
ROBERTS Amy Wiggle-Honda GBR 24/12/1994
VALENTE Jennifer Exergy Twenty16 USA 24/12/1994
PEPIN Roxanne GSD Gestion – Kallisto CAN 22/12/1994
JDANOVA Kamila Team Pratomagno UZB 22/12/1994
LABRIE Audrey GSD Gestion – Kallisto CAN 18/12/1994
DEFILE Corinna Servetto Footon ITA 15/12/1994
BORTOLOTTI Simona Servetto Footon ITA 06/12/1994
ARZUFFI Alice Maria Faren – Let’s Go Finland Team ITA 19/11/1994
FERRARI Isabella Servetto Footon ITA 03/11/1994


Oldest and youngest teams

The teams of the oldest and youngest riders are also the oldest and youngest teams. Pratomagno has an average age of 28.7 whilst Servetto-Footon are so young they almost still need a chaperone, having an average age of just 19.8 years.

Pratomagno have 3 of the top 10 oldest riders whilst Servetto-Footon have 4 of the youngest 10 riders. So perhaps their positions on the scale are not a surprise. However, just by omitting Suzie Godart from the Pratmagno team list would move the team out of the top 3.

Average age of UCI womens teams in 2013

Meet Simona

Of course all riders are individuals but if you had to pick “Miss/Mrs Average” based on the above criteria it would be Be Pink’s Simona Frapporti. She’s Italian, riding for an Italian team and is just a few weeks younger than the average age of 24.7 years old*. Simona had a successful 2012 on the road including top 10 finishes in 2 stages of Giro della Toscana and 5 in Route de France including the stage win on Stage 4.


* There are a few riders closer to the average age but are from nations which contribute smaller numbers of riders.

All ages are based upon the day of this post 18/01/13