The women’s racing calendar marches on to the warmer climes of Padova for the 5<sup>th</sup> edition of Classica Città di Padova on 16th March.

Those who’ve been racing in the Netherlands and Belgium recently are in for a welcome treat with relatively wide roads and not a cobble in sight! If a race was ever designed for sprinters then this is it. Having said that Carmen Small won last year’s race from an 11 rider breakaway which formed with a few laps to go and made the jump from the break on the final lap to finish ahead of Simona Frapporti and Monia Baccaille.

The prize:

Finishing Position UCI Points Prize [€]
1st 60 379
2nd 45 326
3rd 35 272
4th 30 164
5th 25 152
6th 20 141
7th 15 130
8th 10 119
9th 8 109
10th 6 97
11th 4 87
12th 2 76
13th 66
14th 53
15th 42
16th 28
17th 28
18th 28
19th 28
20th 28

Sprint Competition:

Points awarded at designated sprint points for the first 5 riders across the line from 5 points for 1st down to 1 point for 5th place rider. Athletes with the highest cumulative points totals are declared the winner and awarded the below prizes.

Sprint Comp. Prize [€]
1st 200
2nd 150
3rd 120
4th 100
5th 80

The route

Citta di Padova profile

The parcours consists of a 26.4km anti-clockwise lap which viewed from the air resembles a badly knotted bow-tie, or a wonky farfalle pasta shape as we’re in Italy. Followed by 8 laps of a 12.8km circuit of the “west side of the bow”. Starting in the eastern outskirts of Padua the race takes place on wide, very flat roads: Even bridges which cross the waterways that intersect the route are level.

Sprint competition is decided by on the even laps of the 12.8km finishing circuit. Sprint points are awarded at the crossing of the finish line and at the opposite end of the circuit in Tombele.

Previous winners:

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2008 Annalisa Cucinotta Rasa Leleivyte Vania Rossi
2009 Monia Baccallie Kirsty Broun Alessandra D’Ettorre
2010 Noemi Cantele Valentina Scandolara Alison Testroete
2012 Carmen Small Simona Frapporti Monia Baccallie