Starting less than 100 metres from the Belgian border the 24.1km women’s time trial will begin in Eijsden, one of the oldest settlements in the Netherlands. After negotiating a few tight bends to escape the village its out on exposed flat, possibly even marginally descending for the first 7km.

TT Course Map

Worlds Women’s TT Profile 2012

Then at the 20km it’s time for the road that these World Championships are centred around, The Cauberg. A fast decent into Valkenburg before at sharp left bend to commence the climb reverred across the World of cycling, worshiped like a real World deity by the Dutch (what can I say, they don’t have a lot of hills, let them love the ones they do!).

The Cauberg

The first 350 metres sees the gradient gradually increase from 2 to 6%, then the climbing gets serious! A steep S-bend rises out of the town, reaching 9% for a 100 metre stretch just when your legs feel like they can’t take anymore the  next 200 metres continues to rise at a 12% before the final 500m levels out to a deceptive false flat. Once The Cauberg is conquered its a flat out final kilometer to the finish in Vilt.

Previous Winners

Gold Silver Bronze
Karren Kurreck (USA) Anne Samplonius (CAN) Jeannie Longo (FRA)
Jeannie Longo (FRA) Clara Hughes (CAN) Kathy Watt (AUS)
Jeannie Longo (FRA) Cathy Marsal (FRA) Alessandra Cappellotto (ITA)
Jeannie Longo (FRA) Zulfiya Zabirova (RUS) Judith Arndt (GER)
Leontien van Moorsel (NED) Zulfiya Zabirova (RUS) Hanka Hufernagel (GER)
Leontien van Moorsel (NED) Anna Wilson (AUS) Edita Pucinskaite (LTU)
Mari Holden Jeannie Longo (FRA) Rasa Polikeviciute (LTU)
Jeannie Longo (FRA) Nicole Brändli (SUI) Teodora Ruano (ESP)
Zulfiya Zabirova (RUS) Nicole Brändli (SUI) Karin Thürig (SUI)
Joane Somarriba (ESP) Judith Arndt (GER) Zulfiya Zabirova (RUS)
Karin Thürig (SUI) Judith Arndt (GER) Zulfiya Zabirova (RUS)
Karin Thürig (SUI) Joane Somarriba (ESP) Kristin Armstrong (USA)
Kristin Armstrong (USA) Karin Thürig (SUI) Christine Thorburn
Hanka Hufernagel (GER) Kristin Armstrong (USA) Christiane Soeder (AUT)
Amber Neben (USA) Christiane Soeder (AUT) Judith Arndt (GER)
Kristin Armstrong (USA) Noemi Cantele (ITA) Linda Villumsen (DEN)
Emma Pooley (GBR) Judith Arndt (GER) Linda Villumsen (NZL)
Judith Arndt (GER) Linda Villumsen (NZL) Emma Pooley (GBR)