Worlds Elite Women's Time Trial 2017

Not going to lie, I could feel my eyes getting a little wet watching Annemiek’s celebrations today. I really wanted to be there for the winning moment, whoever was going to win, which meant not straying too far from the start/finish area during the race. It was definitely worth the sacrifice.

Hopefully journalists can stop asking Annemiek about ‘that crash’ now she’s World Champion, there’s something else for them to ask about. I know I’m tired of overhearing the questions so she must be sick to the back teeth of answering them!

Annemiek van Vleuten starts to dream as the late starters approach the final kilometres.

Annemiek van Vleuten realises she’s won the rainbow jersey.

Annemiek runs into the arms of her mum.

Hugs for Loes Gunnewijk.

Your new World Champion!


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